Club Sessions



The club sessions are open to all members are offer members a great way to build up their regular tennis routine. Club nights are open to all. Individuals turn up, and join in with doubles games on a mixed basis. Each doubles pair plays for 1 set with players flipping racquets at the end of the set to decide who switches off with a player who is waiting to join.

On many occasions, evenings will progress with little or no waiting. Wen all courts are in play, matches tend to switch around quite quickly too.

One of the aspects the club promotes is the social aspect of club sessions. It’s a terrific way to meet local people with similar interests.

So, if your game;

– turn up with your raquet
– sit down to the side of court 2 if games are in play
– you’re on as soon as the first match (set) ends.


We also recognise that sometimes, particularly until you’ve been a couple of times, club sessions can feel a little intimidating (they are not). If you’d like us to paid you up with a buddy for your first session, please let us know by email, or speak to a member or the club coach when you can.