On-Line Court Booking – Instructions

The system is provided by the LTA sponsored Clubspark platform.  Detailed help pages are located here


Booking a Court

  • You will receive an invitation to register with Clubspark, the on-line court booking system.  If you haven’g got one, please contact Chair.
  • Once registered, go to  www.clubspark.lta.org.uk/StowmarketLawnTennisClub , log in you will see the following:







(note you will only see “Book a Court once we’ve launched the system)

  • Click on ‘Book a court’ to the right of the page and you will see the courts available to book:









  • Decide which court you want to book (2, 3 or 4)
  • Click on the court and time where you want your booking to start
  • Make sure the court time is WHITE. Grey means that time has passed, other colours are bookings).  This will pop up:











  • Select finish time (circled in green above)
  • Blue box “Category” can be used to indicate session purpose. Ignore if you like.
  • In orange circled box, enter your contact details or simply select ‘me’ to the right hand side
  • click on ‘book now’
  • You will automatically be sent an email confirming your booking that will look like this.











Cancel a Booking:


  • In the email you received confirming the booking, click the link at the bottom “Click here to view your bookings”
  • It will take you to this screen:







Click on ‘Cancel’ to the right of the booking (circled in green above)

OR, when you are logged into Club spark, simply click “Manage your court bookings”, then find the booking and click cancel.









Edit a Booking


  • Go to the booking calendar when you are logged in to Clubspark
  • Find your booking
  • Click it
  • Select ‘Edit Booking’:










Mobile Booking

Login using your Clubspark login

online (5)








You’ll see this page where you can see your previous and upcoming bookings:

online (1)









Select ‘Make a Booking’ at the bottom.  You will then see this page:

online (2)










Click the top symbol to select Stowmarket Lawn Tennis Club.

online (3)









Input the timing and court you want to book.  You’ll note it only shows times that are available. 


Online 6









When you clock “Book Now” you will see these two screens.























You will receive an email confirmation.