On-Line Court Booking: Rules/Guidence

On-Line Court Booking

Why is the Club proposing to change the booking system?

  • Whilst the current booking system works well, Members have to be at the club or make a special trip to the club to book or cancel courts. The recent club surveys suggests that the majority of Members wish to try online booking and if the pilot period is successful it will be a huge leap forward for the Club and Members in terms of keeping up with modern technology and moving with the times.
  • If you feel like playing tennis it’s a lottery to just turn up as all the courts may be booked or in use.
  • In practice, courts are often not cancelled as people don’t always bother to make the trip to the clubhouse especially to cancel a court so courts are booked in theory but not used in practice.
  • Online booking will enable the majority of members to book and cancel courts from home/work which will be much more convenient and will ensure the courts are used more efficiently so Members are getting full value for money.

 How will it work?

The proposed set up will be:-

  • On-line booking up to 28 days in advance for courts 2, 3 & 4. Courts 1&5 will remain off-line, booked by pad in clubhouse only. NB: You will NOT be able to see the online bookings for courts 2-4 in the clubhouse pad – only when you look online.
  • Any one person/login name can book up to 4 ‘sessions’ in any one day. Once your booking is made you should receive an email confirming the time, date and court number of your booking (check your spam filter if nothings coming through).
  • Once a booking is made you can cancel or change bookings online as needed.
  • Bookings more than 28 days away are available from Chris Cunningham if needed, including winter and summer league matches.
  • 3 month pilot initially, to be converted to full launch unless there are on-going serious concerns that cannot be resolved.
  • We’ve tested the pilot booking system with a few members and have had very positive feedback so far.
  • We’ve tried to anticipate possible problems and more may arise as the system is put into practice. For example – if a Member books a court online for immediate use and they get to the club and that court is being used by someone else – what happens?  In this case the online booking of courts 2-4 takes precedent over players who are playing on an unbooked court.  (If you have your smart phone handy you can show that you have booked the court if necessary).

What about Members who are not online?

We have 5 members (ie. 2.5% of the Club) who have not provided e-mail addresses and we are retaining 40% of our courts as off-line only booking.

We believe this provides plenty of cover for off-line booking where needed.

  • Courts 1&5 can be booked only via the pad in the clubhouse.
  • If you are playing doubles only 1 out of the 4 players need internet access in order to book a court.
  • You can ask a member friend to book online for you.
  • During the pilot period you can call Chris Cunningham or Heather Beaton and they will look online for you and try to book a court.
  • Free internet access is available at Stowmarket Library.

Please let Stuart know if you are now online so you can receive emails and register at Clubspark and also if your email address has recently changed.

What will happen at the 2016 AGM?

  • The Chairman will (hopefully be able to) demonstrate the online booking system and Members will have the opportunity to raise and discuss any concerns.
  • At the end of that discussion the Club Members will vote on whether they wish the on-line system to go ahead.
  • The AGM vote will be binding and the Committee will act accordingly based on the outcome.
  • If Members vote yes, the booking system will ‘go live’ on 1st April 2016.
  • This will be confirmed by email and for those not on email you will see from the pad in the clubhouse that the pilot has gone live.
  • We are aware that there may be teething problems during the pilot – so please do feedback any problems you have had with the booking system to stuart@stowmarkettennis.co.uk and we will do our best to resolve them.
  • The pilot period of 3 months is designed to allow the fast withdrawal of the system if it fails, without the need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • The pilot will be deemed to have failed if 30 members or more request in writing for the scheme be withdrawn.
  • The pilot can be extended at the discretion of the Committee who will judge based on feedback whether the system is working as planned.

Thank you for your help and patience in putting this matter into practice – we hope it is a success for the club and its Members.

Chairman on behalf of the Committee