Club Update

With a bit of luck, a fair wind, and lots of crossed fingers & toes by the time you read this we’ll be indoors for the winter. At the time of writing we’re liaising with the company that assists with inflating our winter dome. Conditions need to be just right- certainly no high wind, which is often a challenge at the this time of year, and ideally bone dry courts to make the job easier. We’ve installed the dome every autumn since 2001 and it’s made a huge difference to the amount of tennis played in the ‘off season’. Sure, we were always outside in the years before the dome but it has enabled all of our winter league matches to continue uninterrupted plus the entire coaching program. We attract several players from other larger clubs during the winter and they get their best quality tennis with us for 5 months of the year. We even offer a dedicated ‘winter only’ membership to reflect how attractive it is for many players to be guaranteed dry, calm conditions in which to play their tennis.

Another huge bonus of having the indoor facility is that all our ‘showcase’ sessions can run all year round. We have 2 club mornings and 2 club evenings where everyone comes along and mixes in to play predominately doubles. These sessions are a great way to integrate into the club and to expand your circle of tennis friends. Lately we’ve seen a rise in court bookings from people who have met at club sessions and decided to organise another game during the week. The old saying that tennis can make you new friends is absolutely true!

If you’d like more information on coaching, either as a junior or an adult, get in contact with me and we can get you started- probably indoors for the winter!

See you on court.

Chris Cunningham.

Senior Club Coach.